Project Brief

The website is an attempt to
Aesthetically showcase the photography travails of Kishore
Chronicle Kishore’s visits to exotic locales
Offer easy navigation
Enhance digital visibility
Improve user-friendliness


Capturing the essence of Kishore’s brilliant photography, the website design adheres to a black and gold theme. The chosen colors emphasise the beauty of the photographs and helps display them aesthetically for public perusal. Kishore’s labour of love is well encompassed in the chosen layout, as it is specifically made to accommodate hi-definition photographs with panache.

Kishore’s love affair with the lens began during his childhood when he chose to spend more time in the darkroom than in a classroom. A great eye for beauty and an ability to capture the subject of his attention at their spontaneous best make his pictures wonderfully natural.


It’s a multi-screen world where web users move from one device to another. The requirement is to create a responsive design for desktop users, with a design and layout that will transcend devices.


A mobile-friendly website with responsive design, configured to all mobile devices.